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Vestkorn is the leading European producer of ingredients from peas/beans

ABOUT Vestkorn

Global Supplier

Vestkorn is an innovative global supplier of ingredients from peas and beans. We aim to be a very dynamic and customer-oriented producer with the willingness and ability to adapt to perfectly fit our ingredients to your needs.

Head office

The head-office and production are located in Tau, on the south-west coast of Norway, while the sales office is located in Holstebro in the north of Denmark.

Certified to internationally recognised standards

Vestkorn is certified to internationally recognised standards that demonstrate our commitment meeting to the quality, food safety and lifestyle standards of customers in the 21st Century.

In addition to satisfying current Norwegian Food Safety Authorities standards for food, additional internationally recognised certification includes

Company starts in 1855

The history of the company starts in 1855. We are running a mill being in operation in more than 160 years, going through good and bad periods, sun and rain, big changes in the society and two world wars.

The mill has survived because of the customer focus and the will and capability to change. We are a part of this history and we are quite proud of it!

Represented by the old mills

The start of the company is still represented by the old mills powered by the waterfall.

Today they are a museum located next to the operative mill.

The waterfall is now used to produce renewable electrical energy used in the processing of pulse ingredients and the old mills are only in operation on special occasions.