Vestkorn ColdGel Ps70 Petfood

VESTKORN coldgel


Pet food producers of premium diets are always on the lookout for natural ingredients that can be used for improving the nutritional and technical quality of the product. Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 can contribute.   

A sustainable carbohydrate source
Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 is a mechanical modified pea starch flour, having the nutritional profile akin to air classified pea starch. The viscous ColdGel is predominantly a carbohydrate source, containing a significant portion of highly digestible pea proteins. Moreover, ColdGel is also palatable, especially for dogs due to the sweet taste of the product.

Functionality as a cold swelling starch

Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 is pre-gelatinized cold swelling starch and can absorb cold or room temperate water. It has the capacity to absorb approximately four times its weight in water.

The ingredient is ideal for cold and steam pressed pet food. Due to its cold water absorption, it is a good aid in both dry and semi moist snack production. Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 positively contributes to the smell of semi moist snacks.

Pressed pet food
Vestkorn Coldgel is a vertasile pet food ingredient to be used in wet pet food, dry pet food, cold pressed pet food, semi-moist-snacks and oven-baked snacks

Applications in dry, wet and semi moist pet food

ColdGel is a versatile pet food ingredient. It contributes to the formulation of pet food both nutritionally and by adding technical functionality and can be used in almost all forms of petfood products and processes. 

Semi moist snacks
Glycerin is used as a plasticiser and for its ability to reduce water activity in semi-moist snacks. It is an expensive solution and pet owners now show increased interest in concepts with reduced added sugar and all natural products. Vestkorn offers a solution that naturally reduces water activity. It is industrially tested and can partly or completely replace glycerin. Furthermore, it can reduce your cost of raw material by double digits. 

  • Improving texture and forming
  • Absorbing smells
  • Combines well with meat
  • Positive impact on palatability compared to grains

Pressed pet food
Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 is an excellent binder and source of highly digestible starch in pressed pet food. 

Dry pet food
For inclusion levels up to 5-10%, improved texture and smoothness of the surface can be achieved. Vestkorn ColdGel PS70 can improve expansion during processing and contributes to crunchiness in final product. Palatability will also be improved when exchanged for any grains, specially for dogs. 

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