VESTKORN Faba Bean Flour


Faba bean flour a good alternative

More than 80% of all culinary products have been based on wheat flour for more than 500 years, but this is about to change. Vestkorn faba bean flour has an excellent amino acid profile. And can be an alternative to wheat flour.

Vestkorn faba bean flour has 30% protein and 48% carbohydrates

The fababeans are thoroughly cleaned to remove all foreign materials and reassure that no wheat and soybeans are present. Then the fababeans are dehulled and the kernels and hulls are accurately separated to get a pure kernel ready for milling. After milling to the desired particle size, we get a light­grey flour with a mild beany taste. Vestkorn faba bean flour has around 30% protein and 48% carbohydrates, making it to an excellent source of protein.

Gluten free and a good alternative to replacing wheat

Replacing wheat flour in gluten-free products often requires multiple ingredients and some of them are less “label friendly”. Some of them even make the processing procedure more awkward and need a special processing workaround to meet quality and texture. Tests have shown that working with faba bean flour makes it is possible to replace wheat flour in pasta, cookies, bread, cakes and many more applications within the culinary area.

Functional Benefits

  • Binder and structure provider
  • Increase water binding
  • High protein content
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free
  • Sustainable

Applications for Faba Bean Flour

  • Wheat flour replacer
  • High protein applications
  • Gluten-free applications
Organic products available