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Bake with Fibradan® are fibre products produced from the shell of dry yellow peas with no use of additives. Due to a unique cleaning and heat treatment, Fibradan is a leading brand when it comes to purity and product-safety.

To ensure state of the art bacteriological standards. Fibradan® is always heat treated and strictly controlled. Fibradan® has a very high content of dietary fibres, about 90%, which makes Fibradan® one of the best fibres available for human consumption.

Application | Food


Kneading time: 8 minutes at slow pace and 4 minutes fast pace

Resting period: 2 x 30 minutes 

Dough weight: 350 g

Dry yeasting time: 90 minutes

Baking time:                                                 20 minutes, 220/230 °C, dampers open for the last 5 minutes


Kneading time: 10 minutes at slow pace and 3 minutes at fast pace

Resting period: 45 minutes

Dough weight: 1200 g

Dry yeasting time: 60 minutes

Baking time:                                                 60 minutes, 200/180 °C  


Kneading time: 8 minutes at slow pace and 4 minutes at fast pace

Dough temperature: 27 °C      

Resting period: 2 x 30 minutes

Dry yeasting time: 45 minutes

Baking time:                                                  20 minutes, 220/230 °C