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for vegan pet food

With more consumers seeking a more plant-based diet, pet owners are also warming up to the idea of using plant ingredients for pets. There’s a perception that a plant-based pet diet may have greater health benefits than only using meat, and factors such as sustainability and the welfare of animals used for production of meat are two other main drivers for this trend. The plant-based category appears to be a strong opportunity for dog treats, wet and dry pet food.

Meat analogues, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), are renown in the pet food industry and have been used in a variety of pet food applications, especially in wet pet food. In the past three years, we have seen a significant increase in “allergen-free” textured plant proteins. Vestkorn textured proteins of peas and faba bean are available as mince and chunks forms to fulfill various customer needs.

Vestkorn Textured protein - composition

Table 1. Proximate analysis calculated on a dry matter basis. 

Vestkorn textured protein

Table 2. Amino acid composition, values presented in dry matter (DM).


Anti Nutritional Factors deactivated
During the texturisation process Anti Nutritional Factors (ANF) are deactivated. Some oligosaccharides are to be expected, however, heat label trypsin inhibitors and lectins will be destroyed. The digestibility for heat processed pea protein is 86%*.

Pea ingredients are a good palatable choice for pets. Bitter components are deactivated during Vestkorn´s TVP process, giving an ingredient with improved taste.

A sustainable choice
Pulses have a low carbon footprint, use less fertilizer when grown and require less water than animal protein production. Our process technology for producing TVPs is based on clean label philosophy where no additives or solvents are used during the production.

Vestkorn TVPs originates from our dry processed protein concentrates. A dry vs. a wet process also requires less energy and no water during production. Using peas is a more sustainable option compared to other protein sources and crops.

Declaration and labelling
Produced by air classification and extrusion, this ingredient have a low carbon footprint. 


  • Sustainable
  • Clean label
  • Highly digestible plant protein
  • Meat-like texture

It is an exciting time for innovation as the humanisation of pet food and treats continues to shape the market. Let the new hot ingredient for your next product developments be Vestkorn Textured protein.

Vestkorn´s textured pea protein mince in tapioca and carrot gravy.

Pressed dog food

Applications in oven baked snacks, dry and wet pet food

Wet pet food
Texturized plant proteins from peas can be used in wet pet food applications, as their consistency and texture resemble the meat chunks or minced meat in the loaves or meat chunks. Vestkorn Textured P55-line will fit well in applications requiring a soft meat texture, the textured P65-line provides a stronger bite.

The retorting process can be shorter when using these ingredients as meat replacers, resulting in less energy use and lower production costs. A lower “F-value” during the retorting process will also have a positive impact on the texture of your final product.

Pressed food
For pressed food products produced at low temperatures, from 60-75°C, native plant proteins and ANF will not be denatured, resulting in lower digestibility and availability of amino acids. This will e.g., effect dogs health by causing weight loss and protein deficiency.

Vestkorn TVPs have been processed at higher temperatures resulting in denatured, proteins and ANF, which will increase protein digestibility and amino acid availability (Pic. 3).

Other options like vegan snacks and oven-baked vegetable products are also applicable, depending on market demand.

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Vestkorn ingredients – good for you and your pet. Good for the planet. 


Vestkorn ingredients are healthy, sustainable and functional pet food ingredientsood