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Available in Organic.
100% natural from pulses.

Vestkorn is the leading European producer of ingredients from peas and beans. We supply our ingredients worldwide.

Knowledge and expertise

Vestkorn has great knowledge about protein-, starch-, and fibre ingredients made from peas and beans. We offer our expertise as well as our ingredients to manufacturers of products to both foods, pet food and feed.

Vestkorn since 1855

Vestkorn has been operating since 1855. Knowledge, interest, and passion have been passed on from generation to generation. We have adapted to market demands and developed and transformed us constantly. Vestkorn wants to be the most innovative and dynamic pulse ingredient company in the world, and we have the willingness and ability to adapt our ingredients with the aim to perfectly fit your needs.

Certified internationally

Vestkorn is certified to internationally recognized standards that demonstrate our commitment to meeting the quality, food safety and lifestyle standards of the customer in the 21st Century. Currently, we are ISO22000, GMP+, Organic, Halal and Kosher certified. And we aim for more. Vestkorn will be the first of its kind to be FSSC-approved.

Sustainable ingredients

Our ingredients are sustainable, natural and non-GMO for both humans, pets, and animals. Organic versions are available for almost all ingredients.

Adapted to perfectly fit your needs

Vestkorn would be delighted to offer and deliver our ingredients to your company. If necessary adapted to perfectly fit your needs. Our pulse ingredients are divided into 3 main groups: Proteins, starches and fibres.

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